there are some things on my dash like

"10 pix that will make u wish it was summer"

at first I was like yes

and then I was like lolno

because the summer in central north carolina means one thing

and one thing only::::

dbm or death by mosquitos. Mosquitos love me and although I am quite flattered, their love will always be unrequited BECUZĀ 

1. their attention is unsolicited

2. im just minding my own beeswax trying to take my pup out for a pee

3. i hate having to wear layers in the summer so that they cant get to my delicious bloods

4. they steal my bloods to feed their children and i dont approve of babies outside of wedlock (sike)

mmm. yep, its time for a nap now.

dont u hate it when u have to sneeze

and then you cant